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This deviation was deleted

First of all much better than the first ;D
There are much more pros than cons in this. I guess ill start with pros.
Well begin with the head not much is wrong i understand that you said you screwed up and you tried to make it as normal as possible but honestly it doesnt really look screwed up at all ;D. quick question though were are your glasses xD your expression is pretty good tooooo. you have a smile yet you are crying... i think. this makes it look like you are angry sad or even crazy which means that lots of people who dont understand grimdark will like. I cant find any real important areas to improve on the head so ill move on to the torso and arms. First off the porportions of the torso are perfect they are much better than last time! the only problem i have and it isnt to much of a problem is your arms, you arent that beefy bro XD! your hands are pretty good as far as shape and directiong goes id reccomend toning down your arms and hands size in the future! but honestly that is the oly problem i have with the torso. Well go to your weapon. i havent heard about this one from you so correct me if im wrong but is it supposed to be curving? i think it still looks cool though. Your lower torso and legs are fine. The shoes are awesome again im happy that they dont look like giant blobs like mine do XD !
And the black grim dark junk that looks just amazing and super proffessional im impressed by it really by it!
overall i only counted maybe 1... 2 MINOR flaws? when last time i found what 7? Yes huge improvement.
Overall excellent peice much better than the original cant wait for your next piece!
- Will
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